Sunday, March 20, 2016

creatively trickling

 but at least it's not damned up.  I have been a tad distracted, but most days get in 5 or 10 minutes on something or another.  Some days more.  I bought a darn digital pressure cooker last week and that took me on a detour for a few days.  It's got a bit of a learning curve.  I made lasagna soup in it last night, though that was not my intent.  Ate it anyway.  I have to learn about how much liquid and how much time.  I think I'll get it in time.

Meanwhile, I've been quilting away on the periwinkle and I have 1 and 1/4 border left, and then binding.  I'll take some pics when it is finished.

The guilt is starting to gnaw a little because I have a serger and a large pile of knits and new patterns and no new clothes yet.  I'm a little befuddled (or was) about whether to sew for spring or winter, but I procrastinated long enough for that to be settled.  I did kind of want to finish the quilt before dragging out all the stuff for a new project but I've gone ahead and dipped my toes in. Just the toes, like a toddler in the kiddie pool.

 I whine all the time about nightshift influencing how much natural daylight comes into my life.  Let me also let you know I'm severely nearsighted but do most of my cutting and ALL of my sewing with my glasses off, because I focus everything closer than a foot better with naked eyes.  As soon as I sit up straight, this is how my world looks or worse.  Out of focus with weak lighting. My world.

So, I finally decided on one pair of sweatpants for walks I hope to take with my daughter's dog. I measured my hip and thigh and compared to the pattern and laid my pants sloper that I made last year under to check for any glaring need for adjustments.  I added my crotch depth 1 1/4 back and front and gave 2" to the lower legs and then cut the fabric.  Of course there is stretch involved and it's not extremely fitted so I am hoping this is enough fussing.  These are the slightly more fitted type of sweats though, and of course there's always some way of messing a garment up, so we will see.  I am grateful I've still got all the doo dads from years of sewing- look at that beat up old curved ruler.

I bought another PILE of fabric from last night.  MUST SEW CLOTHES.  I have nowhere to store it unless I move it out of the bedroom.  That's a slippery slope as the house is pretty big.