Thursday, February 16, 2023

Sewing the stash

I’ve been decluttering. It’s a slow process with a huge backlog. Of course fabric is one category that got out of hand. Amongst the many areas of stash was this one stuffed box from Fabricmart I must have bought when it was all knits 60% off day. Good grief. In January I pulled it from a pile and set it in the middle of my limited bedroom floor space, vowing to sew it all up by spring. So, finally I got started. 

I grabbed the blue stripe you see popping out of the box, a brushed poly jersey. The stretch, probably 100% in one direction mandated the stripes run vertically on the body, giving the shirt a fair bit of cirque feel. Probably not my favorite, but I needed to find my current size and this was a great result for that. I used Love Notions classic tee pattern with the full bust adjustment built in size 3xl. Ive used it before and I’ve been happy in a variety of plus sizes. Also, most of the time it’s free with signing up for their news letter. It was super fast on the serger, back to the sewing machine for twin needle hemming. There are three necklines, crew, deep, and v-neck. Options are drawn for short, 3/4, and long sleeves. There are lots of posts and videos on different “hacks” (I really hate that term for design modifications!) 

What, declutter where!

There was plenty of fabric left over (of COURSE there was!) so I also sewed up some panties in my new size, yay, underwear that fits! I use self drafted panties from Beverly Johnson’s craftsy class, which is pretty much the same as Liz Sews self drafting panties on you tube. Did you know there is a “standard” width for a panties crotch with no mention of changing for plus sizes? I enlarged my width by inches. Inches! Feels much more my size. Like I remember from earlier days. I’ve mentioned my weight loss and it comes with the resulting falling of skin and flesh, so no way am I modeling these! (What am I going to do for swimming this year? I think this will take some engineering!) Any way, these under the tee magnify how crazy stripes can look!

The box still looks very stuffed. The two browns look suitable for colder months, maybe a boxy mock turtle neck from one, maybe some kind of comfy sleep and stumble in the daytime dress (night shift, I like clothes that don’t look too strange meeting a school bus at 3pm but feel great in bed.)  I might get into this one next:

It’s described as a telio rayon knit, very stretchy, fabulous drape, fairly lightweight. Blue zebra. The 10 year old gave it a big stink eye. I think that equates to fabulous grandma-wear.

Kids in MY day!….

I have no idea what to do with this one. More than 3 yards (yay, you got the end of the bolt!)

In other news, I have come off my diabetic and blood pressure meds with my providers consent and support, thanks to the keto lifestyle. I’m eating a fair amount of non keto now and I’ve stopped loosing, but I’m watching my sugars and they are rock steady. If I go overboard, and it doesn’t take much, on white flour or rice I feel pretty bad pain in most of my joints and sometimes my teeth! How was I living like that? Ah, lots of OTC pain meds, lots of denial, and not doing much activity at all. Life is better. I’ll probably have to get back on keto at some point, trying low carb for now.

Hope sewing, and all the issues that come with whatever stage of life you are in are going well with you today.

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