Friday, February 8, 2013

wrist warmers

This has been a nice little project to take to my job as a nights shift home health nurse.  It is my first knitting project with double pointed needles and I was very proud of how fast my technique improved from the first warmer to the second.  The first one had a definite and noticeable ridge where the stitches changed needles, the second blends nicely.  I am excited because this means I can move on to socks and mittens!  Scarves bore the heck out of me.  How many dishcloths can I make? (Lots, I'm telling you).

The pattern came out of knitsimple magazine, and it IS pretty darn simple.  I believe I can learn to knit without pattens faster than I can learn to sew without patterns, as I grew up with sewing patterns but I'm learning knitting as an adult.  I don't mind buying a pattern for something involved, but easy stuff like this?? 

I have a circular needle and a bulky ball of yarn in the bag for when this is done.  It's a very good hobby to prevent sleep in my occupation, with the bonus of having something to show for it when I'm done.  More than I could say for farmville (yeah, I was one of those) and angry birds.

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