Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Dress

I made an Easter Dress for the first time since my grandbabies' mommas were babies.  It took me longer than I thought ("Oh, it'll only take me 45 minutes once I cut it out" phhhht!).  I really, really enjoyed doing it.  I blended a FREE and very lovely pattern and tutorial from Lindsey at The Cottage Home with a paper pattern, Simplicity 2688.  It's still so cool here and I wanted the little puff sleeves.  I am so glad I added them.

I was a little worried about using a sleeve from one pattern and just sticking it on another- but it was so gathered that it worked very well.  Match seams, pull up threads till it fits, pin and sew.  I loved sewing on this little bias cut band.

Because I added sleeves I had to change the way I put in the facing as well.  It now required hand stitching around the arm holes.  A little labor of love.

I am very proud of how well made it is, but there were as always a couple of flaws.  The biggest, I made the darn thing too big!  I always did this for my babies too.  I'm thinking about sewing in some pintucks above the contrast band hem, but the mommy was ok with it as is.  It really is kind of sweet that long, and the bodice has a little wiggle room too, so this dress as is may fit next year.  The other thing was I didn't mark pieces and whoops used the tie for the bottom band and vise versa.  It meant extra seams in the band, which didn't hurt anything.  Also it made the bottom band shorter.  I would have liked the impact of more inches of fabric contrast, but again this dress was long enough as is.  I'll watch out for that next time I make this dress.

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