Monday, July 29, 2013

Mostly stalled

on my latest project.  Within days of proudly finishing the cousin quilts I got seriously motivated to start and finish another baby quilt for the grandson due in August. I recognize that I like piecing much less than quilting, so I looked for a top that would be fast. I found Baby Bites from Modern Quilt Relish.  Great Guns! And I really DID finish it in about an hour and a half.  Then I had to go thinking it needed a border, and of course since I hate piecing I decide to do a half square triangle one.  But I do think it will add to this quilt.

I think only the white, red, and blue will remain and probably all facing the same direction.  I had a fleeting fancy about piecing lots of nautical flags but returned to sanity.  Red against the red and blue against the blue.  I am thinking about the quilting of it- some simple ship shapes on waves and waves and waves on the blue side, maybe some continuous curves on the red?  Its a bit of a shame I feel feathers would be wrong, I've been doodling the heck out of them on night shift and think I may be ready to quilt some nicer ones.  Maybe some wall hangings or table runners soon for gifts.
I did sneak in an afternoon of helping my granddaughter sew.  We made a patient gown for her AG doll, she already has nurse scrubs for the other.
She's getting better at cutting, seam finishing, and added curves with this project.  It won't be long before she can do it all alone from a pattern.

I confess, I really loved the authenticity of the backdoor waving in the wind feature.  This pattern and tutorial were free from myagdollcraft.blogspot

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