Wednesday, August 7, 2013


my piecing.  I have mentioned that piecing is not my favorite part of quilting.  However, if I'm going to do something I like to do it right.  I last showed the modern baby block quilt I'm working on, and how I decided to put on some kind of pieced border.

Wow, that's some bad piecing.  In fact, it's so darn wonky it almost looks intentional, though I assure you it was not.  While I was unwilling to start from scratch with another pile of strips going into squares going into half square pairs, sigh! I was determined to make the strip on the other side a little better.
I started off by squaring up those little blocks before going any further.  I have a perfectly good little ruler for the job, why not use it?
It seems crazy that trimming just this much (some more and some less) of these would make a big difference, but I kinda knew it would.
And, boy, didn't it!!


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