Saturday, May 2, 2015

Busy knitting

Knitting knitting knitting!  No sewing, though I think about it.  I've been ordering fabric online so hopefully some sewing will happen soon.  For the past month it has been compulsively, loosing sleep, making muscles sore knitting.  I'd say, that's some knitting.  I stopped short of giving myself pressure ulcers on the fingers and I have NOT invested big bucks in new supplies, so that's good.  Especially since I gave away 2 full trash bags of yarn last winter because I never knit.

I've been wanting to repair a much beloved afghan my Mom made, I've blogged about it before.  I was able to sew up some of the holes, but there are places that just needed to be filled in with stitches.  I googled a description of the afghan and searched through the "images" gallery on the results and there it came: the original pattern for the very same afghan that my Mom knitted up in the early 1950's.  Three dollars and instant PDF, I LOVE this internet age for sewing and crafting!!!!

I've been working on my stitches, trying to nail "flicking" as well as continental style.  I've gotten pretty good at unraveling back to a point and restarting.  Still working on consistent tension.  There is a pile of blocks accumulating, some of different size and many of slightly different appearance but this is the test/learning one.  Then I'll make one or two for gifts, and then I'll go in and fill every missing part of the original.

I don't know why I was never in love with knitting before.  It is so darn soooooooooooothing!

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