Thursday, July 9, 2015

Been sewing for the babies

and littles and have NO pictures.  I did a rush job on a ruffled romper and shoes and two bonnets that had to travel up to NYC and didn't take any photos.  I just finished a circle skirt for the dance school -attending 4 year old.  Matter of fact, I also made a maxi skirt and matching halter top for the 11 year old and didn't photograph that either.  They all turned out fairly well, I just wasn't in the mood to get out the camera.  I was seriously tempted with the hem of the circle skirt done with the narrow hem foot.  Maybe because it's almost all bias hem on a circle skirt, but it looked better than any other hem I've ever done with that foot.

Which got me wondering:

WHY does a foot as intricate as the flat-felled or narrow hemmer cost $5 or $10 dollars online for a generic foot, but all these ruler toe  manufacturers feel ok charging $80 for a circular foot.  Ok, maybe they can call it a niche and claim they want to ensure they get paid for development and casting some kind of mold, whatever they have to do to make them.  But STILL.  Especially when I can get a good quality free motion foot for $15 or so.  I just would like one that put me 1/4 inch away from a ruler edge no matter what part of the foot I was banking on the ruler.  It could be an acrylic toe, I'd have no complaints.  I feel it's dishonest to charge that much.  My opinion.

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