Saturday, January 16, 2016

copious mucus

or, snot and snot and snot!  I've been coming down with, actively suffering from, or starting to recover from colds and RSV infections and other vague "viral" infections non stop for more than 3 weeks.  I had one day last week when I thought I had it all figured out ("I'll just take Flonase and fix that sinus") and for 20 hours or so I was wonderful.  Then my client started spewing vibrant yellow and needed oxygen for the first time in 10 months or so, and my lungs started feeling really tight and heavy.  KA boom.  In bed 4 days, a luxury allowed by another client getting hospitalized in the ICU for more snot and snot and snot.  Then there's the grandkids that live and frequently visit with me, and some of the adults too, coughing and whining about throats and ears, and letting loose with more  of that distinctive colored snot snot snot.

So no sewing. No machine repair.  I finally found a nice deal on a good entry level serger that has been sitting for two weeks now. I've only run about 6 inches of stitches to make sure it wasn't a dud.  It took me 2 days to wind bobbins and clean bobbin dust and oil the 15-91, but she's now waiting for me to feel alive enough to quilt. 

Picture in your mind's eye a new Janome 400d (I think) or a finished periwinkle top in a sea foam green background, because I couldn't be bothered enough to stand up and take a snapshot, and I think it's evident how much time I don't usually take to take a snapshot.  I would have had to move the Kleenex, too much.

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