Monday, December 5, 2016

Then I found myself

right in the neighborhood of G Street Fabrics! I took someone to look at an apartment in Rockville MD today .I wondered briefly about fabric opportunity; this is just outside of Washington DC and is much more urban than my slower lower Delaware world.  I shook it off because it was Sunday and  I was sandwiching this 5 hour round trip adventure between two night shifts. I did just have to ask the landlady if there were any near by fabric stores and she said "G Street".  I've been hearing about this store for years, and GPS had me 7 minutes away.

Because both time and money were not budgeted for fabric today, I was determined to get in and out and sin gently.  As you can see with that $16. total, I did just that!

I found lovely beefy ribbing that I needed for my sweatpants, yayyyyy!

that's a blurry dark pen for perspective.
I passed rows and rows of other lovelies without grabbing any because I had no specific project in mind that I needed anything for.  I could not resist grabbing SOMETHING from the $2.99 room, as it's nice to have stuff you don't mind wrecking in practice.  I found this Dia de Muertos spandex/poly blend, not to thin or too shiny, great for a thirteen year old girl to be inspired with.  Mmm, no, she said. So I'll use it for something, or not.

I grabbed elastic and a bra back on the way out, dying a little at not being able to spend time with all of the threads, buttons, and trims on the way out.

The store was smaller than I expected, smaller than Mood in NYC.  The selection was vast and included apparel fabrics for ever scenero, quilting, home dec and upholstery.  A separate little store sold Bernina sewing machines. The sales staff seemed knowledgeable (not much time for chat today, on my part) and very pleasant.

I would so love to visit this store again, with more target fabric in mind, more time and money allotted.  I don't think the apartment thing went through though, so it might be quite some time before I find myself in Rockville again.  All scheduled  Airport trips for my family will have to be done during normal business hours, as Rockville is fairly close to that airport.


  1. A fabric store only 7 minutes away? I too would be heading over to check it out! I am glad you got some fun finds!

    1. I've hoped to visit G Street Fabrics for several years so I was very excited to drop in, and so proud of my restraint. Had I known the apartment wasn't going to work out (for family) I probably would have binged.
      I'm waiting to see your house on the ground and keeping fingers crossed for good weather to facilitate progression!

  2. I am glad you got to visit the G Street $2.97 table and found something interesting. I only get to G Street occasionally as it is a 2.5 hour drive from home, but I always manage to find something I "need". I see you live in Bridgeville. My younger sister lives in Milford and always talks about lower, slower DE.

    1. I actually live in Georgetown, the county seat! I haven't been able to visit G Street again, but maybe I can make it for some nice sale week. I would prefer another trip to NYC but I think I HAVE to use up some quantity of the stash fabric (or someone needs to move out and make room). Thanks for stopping by.