Sunday, August 10, 2014

Whoops, missed July!

I was sewing- matter of fact, I did a video showing the use of the binder foot for this grand-daughter outfit.
It is almost to sicky sweet for me to stomach, though it's a little better with the shorts just barely peeping out.  Also, I caught the darn thing on fire from a fragrance candle as I was sewing and had to re-cut the front from the last little piece of fabric....whoops, upside down.  I realized this was a directional print the first time cutting out but forgot in my frustration the second time.  The pockets were from virtually the only tute out there for pleated pockets, Made by Rae.  Thanks, Rae, for not making me trial and error!  Mostly I had lots of fun with using my vintage singer binding foot to finish the inside seams.  It was a good refresher in making binding (continuous and not) and applying (with the foot and not).  I also found the foot works great on my Kenmore 90.  I thought, being low shank, that it would and it did not disappoint.
I never posted the video either, I think there were some points I left out and I intended to re-shoot or something.  I can't remember.  Can I blame it all on night shift?  I think I CAN!
I splurged and purchased the long contemplated quilting notions of the quilting Halo (a weighted, rubberized ring to place on top of a quilt being stitched on a domestic machine) and a supreme slider (a Teflon sheet with a hole in the center to go over your machine and under the quilt, the little hole for the needle).  Both are kind of pricey for what my mind tells me they are.  Both have high praise for years from many quilters.  I tried them on both the Singer 201 and the Kenmore 90 and was not sent to the moon- no marked difference on either machine.  I was only playing on roughly 10 or 12 inch squares and only for an hour or two.  Maybe I'd feel a real difference with a quilt that had real heft to it- both are designed with the intention of moving a quilt more smoothly with less hand/body strain in domestic quilting.
I didn't play long because youngest daughter drops in to mention that my youngest grandson needs shirts that open and fasten for his recovery from surgery- with 4 days notice.  He has cleft palate and is getting his wee little lip sewed up, they don't want shirts being pulled over his head (Nurse headsmacks self here, duh!  But honestly I don't try and be nurse and grandmom at the same time).  So quilting supplies put back away!  Pinterest and internet scouring for little boy appropriate post op clothes, and yay!  I'll get to practice putting on more binding!

More HOMEMADE binding, because I'm just totally digging "fancy" binding as a design element in clothes.  I remember making about 1000 yards to go on a sundress for me back in the 80's and not being one little bit impressed.

I think that plaid on the bias is going to look great encasing the edges of this kimono onsie I found that has sizes for 3,6, and 12 months.  And yes, ma'am, that fabric grain is straight and the print is NOT directional.
I also plan to do one or two short sleeve versions of the easter shirt I did for the bambino this past spring.  Then, gasp, some clothing FOR MYSELF.  And try to get the quilting progressing.  That sampler quilt is a slow growing animal.  All my quilt tops take forever.
Awful silent about that vintage 401A, aren't I?  It's still got the original dust on it.  But I haven't forgotten it.  The lawn mower is a big time sucker in the summer, and I have to go to the beach SOMETIMES, I have the Atlantic Ocean 12 miles away!

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