Monday, September 8, 2014

too busy for photos

but I've been on those machines, yes I have.  I've sewed a bunch of button up shirts for my grandson who was undergoing his first surgery for cleft palate and needed shirts that didn't pull over his head.  I've done some more blocks on a sampler quilt that I've been plugging away at for more than half a year, and I'm beginning to see light at the end of that tunnel!  I started a miniature quilt that was actually supposed to be all hand stitched, but I'm thinking now maybe one block hand, 5 blocks(maybe paper pieced) by machine?  The idea was to do it at nightshift, but most of my jobs are too dark for sewing.  Well.  I also got onto photoshop elements and have been working out how to get correctly sized templates to be ready for printing onto freezer paper, and how to design quilts using that program.  If I get good at it, maybe I'll do a tutorial for that.

I'm zig zagging between garments and quilts, and well aware I sew nothing for myself.  Today I started the long, long, long awaited pants sloper, with a bodice/dress sloper waiting just behind.  I have only got to the major adjustments and it is so plain to me- this is why my sewing garments for myself was so hit and miss, and this is why I didn't sew for myself.  Good grief!!! 9 inches for height, 2 inches of that in crotch depth.  I've never had a waist, 5 inches adjustment for that.  Holy smoke.  If I get any kind of decent sloper at all, pants will be fabulous!!!  Then I think about the agony of shopping RTW and that will be in the past as well.  I can hunt hard and usually find acceptable jeans, but dress pants have never ever ever felt good.  I'm hopeful!  I've just ordered gingham online for the two slopers, I was tired of fiddling with them today anyway.  I started thinking about sewing jeans, but dress pants that might feel good?  Wow.

So, yeah, I could post some pics of the teensy quilt pieces (less than an inch square is pretty teensy) or the REALLY cute shirts or even my chopped and taped start of a sloper but the creativity only goes so far on a day when I had to mow the whole overgrown and damp yard.  It's pouring now, I'm so glad I did.  Now I have to cook or get in the car for take out....where's my keys.  Pics next time, maybe.

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