Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas jammies in January

I got 6 pair done in time.  6 more to go.  I seem to remember sewing jammies still in March 2 years ago.  I'm pretty sure I'll be done this week.

I'm sewing assembly line again.  The first six were sewn with white thread, the second with red.  I follow Nancy Zieman's philosophy of getting it done when you only have 5, 10, or 15 minutes at a time to get it done.  So I sew one seam on 6 pair, walk away, and next day, trim and zig zag...

I finally got the presser foot height right on the 401.  I worry a little about her plastic gears, the motor changes sounds sometimes.  I'm going back in to do a thorough cleaning again, to get out gunk and dirt that may have worked out after getting it all unfrozen initially. Hopefully I will have some triflow grease by then. I used Vaseline to grease them. I didn't see any wear on the gears.  It sure is sewing pretty and I want it to last another 50 years now that I've got it back in order.  It wouldn't sew a stitch and the needle bar couldn't swing for zig zag when I brought it home. The cam selectors were stuck too, no specialty stitches.  All easy fixes with cleaning and oil.

When I get done with the jammies, I've got a jersey knit shirt cut out and waiting.  I've made some promises for tablet cases and bibs.  There's a new grandbaby due in March.  I'm still thinking about a pair of tailored to me jeans, though I might be wearing the test shorts before jeans get made.  I've got the sampler quilt stalled on block 10, though the hexi's are still growing....hand pieced at work.

There's a few shy of my goal of 80 of them. I intend to machine sew them to a sheet with some green bias tubing and leaves, to be assembled into a duvet cover.  Not a quilt.

I wish I pieced quicker, and sewed more, and cleaned up my background and then took photos in natural light.  I'm a night shift nurse with toddlers and adult children living with me and I'm grateful I get anything done!  Thank you Nancy Zieman.  I always loved sitting down and working intensely on a sewing (or any creative) project for hours, but if I waited for hours I'd never do anything.

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