Friday, February 6, 2015

Finished the blasted xmas jammies

I keep thinking I won't do Christmas pajamas anymore, but somehow they became desired.  I don't get it.  But they do ask for them, and some of them get all excited about trying to guess which fabric is theirs ahead of time.  I just need to start sooner if I'm going to continue.  Those darn black Friday sales for $3.00/yd flannel mess me up.  When you are buying approx. 3 yards per person for 12 people, $3.00 vs. an average of say $9 figuring you'd find a few other good sales....still makes the $3.00 look like worth putting the pressure on.  Then the store sends notice that they were unfortunately out of stock (why'd it take the order then?) and you get the flu, and those scant 4 weeks get shorter and shorter.  I'm kind of proud I actually finished in January and won't have to feel guilt when the tulips come up.
The due date on my next grandbaby has been moved up, making baby sewing next on the post haste list.  I've still got a long sleeve jersey knit top cut, the sampler quilt has been on hold since black Friday, and I never did find the perfect denim but I'd love to sew some more jeans.  I bought another vintage singer, this one from the mid to late 60's.  Very entry level and even some plastic gears on her but I did like it.  I gave it away, totally functional and hopefully many years of usefulness.
I did a couple videos this week.  One to show the old time and fairly lost art of darning as a repair, machine darning a tear such as for blue jeans or a sheet.  Another to show free motion ruler work on a vintage machine.  As soon as I completed the clip the foot started sticking on the 201.  This is the second or third time I've had to fiddle with it, I will have to go ahead and order another.  It takes off at top speed and doesn't stop till you tap/stomp up and down on it a few times.
I've got a lovely new "2 in 1", a cross between a tablet and a laptop.  Much nicer for taking with me on night shift.  Crazy windows 8, which I do NOT like much, and I'm missing all my favorite software.  I'm getting the new windows over time. After trying several photo editing  apps/programs I've found one called Photo Pos Pro that is very similar to the Photoshop family. Free to try and $10. to keep.  I've given enough money to Adobe for a while yet.  I downloaded VSDC video editor, which I'm pretty clueless with but will need to figure out at least the basics before I can upload to Youtube.  Maybe on tonight's shift if it stays quiet.
Update 2/6/15 I went back to using windows editor- but the blasted videos are too awful.  I love how the machine sounds, but hate my meandering backwoods Florida dialog.  There were filming/focusing/ card full issues as well that can't be fixed with my editing skills! I'll have to film again.  Good excuse to get in a little more ruler practice, which is probably only at a cumulative hour in the past year.  Not very expert.

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